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Test Posting

Just a test post for information on getting scribe fire working. What a pain in the arse!!

will see if this is going to make this work, I really Fricking hope so or I might just have to turn my mac into a drinking flying saucer! I’ve wasted to much time on this S*$%&!!

So It looks like Harley is throwing their hat in the ring of electric motorcycles at least it gets electric motorcycles more press!

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The state of the Union

Motorcycle TravelerThis is my opinion, blah, blah, blah…

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RevZilla is where I got my Helmet


Motorcycle Tour Companies Worldwide

Motorcycle Tour Companies

This is the listing of motorcycle tour companies through out the world





Middle East

North America

South America

This is a list of tour companies through out the world so you can get the most out of your motorcycle adventures where ever you may be in the world.

BMW Logo

Aprilia Logo

Ducati Logo

Harley Davidson

Honda Logo

Indian Motorcycle

Kawasaki Logo

KTM Logo

Norton Logo

Triumph Logo

Victory Motorcycles

Yamaha Logo

Motorcycle Manufacturers around the world

Motorcycle Manufacturers

My goal with this is to make it easy for you to find information about dealerships, repair shops, ect… I have found it more time consuming than I would like trying to find out where I can take my bike when it need a service, parts, or just to check out the new rides… Hope this helps.




Harley Davidson


Indian Motorcycle





Victory Motorcycles


My goal with this list is to give you quick access to motorcycle shops where ever you are in the world. I know this list doesn’t have every motorcycle company out there, if you want me to add one let me know and I’ll get it added.
Motorcycle Directory

In here we’ll have links to motorcycle related stuff from around the world.

Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle Training Classes


Motorcycle Rental Companies Worldwide

Motorcycle Rentals

Whether you’re a motorcycle traveler on the North American continent or an adventure traveler in Australia there might be an occasion when you need to rent a motorcycle for your next ride. Here is a list of motorcycle rent shops we’ve found through out the world. We’ve listed them by country. If you have a company to add let us know, hope this helps! Oh and get out and ride!





Middle East

North America

South America

Being a motorcycle traveler doesn’t always mean you get to have your personal bike on the trip there are occasions when it is more reasonable to rent a bike while in the area. Sometimes you’re just going for a vacation and a lot of people might not think about renting a motorcycle for you entire vacation, but let me tell you it is a fantastic way to see the place you are visiting. I’ve list just a few reasons below why renting a motorcycle is a great idea on your next trip.

  1. You’ll get to see more of the place you are visiting
  2. You’ll be more likely to get involved with the local community rather than be stuck in the tourist areas
  3. You’ll be less likely to be seen as a tourist.
  4. The experience will be that much better on a bike

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Next time you’re on a trip and you can’t take your bike why not rent one, you’ll be glad you did!